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“AVERA” is a vertically-integrated manufacturer in pure electric vehicles and energy retailer. AVERA is an Indian-based global intelligent mobility ecosystem. It has started its R&D work in 2014 and has established the brand in December 2018.The Company is headquartered in Andhra Pradesh along with its Manufacturing Unit, R&D Center and in-house battery manufacturing facility. AVERA is poised to break the boundaries between the Internet, creativity and two wheeler industries with product and service offerings that integrate new energy. AVERA’s vision is to create a intelligent mobility ecosystem that empowers everyone to move, connect, breathe and live freely. AVERA builds electric vehicles and control the entire electric vehicle supply chain from batteries to electric vehicles. We focus on electrifying traditional emission-releasing vehicles for a more sustainable and economical solution.

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When energy is coming from the SUN, why are we digging the earth?! It’s time for human race to enter solar system with the usage of SOLAR Energy. AVERA initiated to setup Solar powered electric vehicle charging station with energy storage which have standard outlets. This project will further efforts to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels as a means to generate electricity . This system converts solar energy to electricity and stores it in a battery bank. Anyone can walk in and charge their Electric Bike or Scooter.